Bicycle has always been a popular means of transportation. After the invention of the car, they were mainly driven by sportsmen, children and lovers of an active lifestyle. Nowadays there are so many cars on the roads that it is impossible to get to your destination in time. And so that for hours not to stand in traffic jams, many again moved to the bike. Modifications of models strike with a variety, creativity and adaptability to any conditions of operation. Manufacturers of two-wheeled vehicles offer sports, extreme and urban models, as well as bicycles for teenagers and women. variety of prices, level of comfort, weight and complexity of the equipment allows you to choose the best hybrid bikes for women its use in specific conditions.

How to choose a bike for the city When buying a bike is recommended to pay attention to the following points: Any technical product is required to check for hidden defects. Bicycle must be inspected personally, rely on advertising of the selling manager imprudently, it is necessary to ascertain the quality of painting, welds and other connections, check the completeness, evaluate the convenience of fit. The sales assistant must carry out the pre-sale preparation and adjustment of the bike. The online store must ensure the availability of a workshop, cycle mechanics and have a connection with the official importer of the brand

The buyer should understand the goals and objectives of the upcoming purchase and not seek to buy a model with options and features that will not be used a priori. Consideration should be given to the reviews and advice of people who use bikes of the same class It is important to know that bicycles are divided into sports and amateur, mountain and city. Developed special models for women. When buying, it is necessary to pay attention to the growth of the future owner indicated in the characteristics of the model. In order not to get lost in the variety of brands and models, we have compiled a ranking of the best bikes for the city. In the distribution of seats, customer reviews were taken into account, as well as expert opinion of experts.

Best cheap bikes for the city For use in urban environments, as a rule, choose universal models with equipment of the initial or semi-professional level. The weight of the models should allow them to be easily carried through curbs, subways and other urban obstacles.


Welcome to the site of the company "FreeFly Technology"
If you are here, then you are probably thinking about opening a wind tunnel in one of the cities of the world. Flying in an aerotube is a service that is understandable to almost every inhabitant of the planet. After all, billions of people on earth dream of feeling the flight!

Some time ago we chose the aerotube ourselves, studied this topic in detail, manufacturers, and faced many different issues. Therefore, in order to facilitate your life, we have prepared for you a business plan, and a more detailed description of the aerotrub we developed.

Approach from the market ...
99% of people choosing a wind tunnel, want to find an option with a minimum cost. That is, the question of the initial investment and the approach from the product (aerotube) is put at the forefront. “Why should I buy an aerotube for 50 million rubles, if I can buy for 30 million rubles.”

This is not entirely true from a strategic point of view. When building a project, you first need to think about what marketing strategy you will stick to (which is determined by the region in which you want to install the airstrip), since each audience has its own requirements for the project’s technical parameters. A specific aerotube project is chosen for a marketing strategy, and not vice versa, as many have become accustomed to: “We will build (buy) an airstrip, and then we will start advertising.”

Below, on this site, we have identified 3 principal categories of customers. But in fact there are more than 10 of them. And when opening an aerotube, you should understand the nuances of work and the needs of each of them.

For example:
You have built a wind tunnel, but it turns out that there is not enough smooth flow in it. Athletes come, fly 5 minutes and go, because the quality of the stream does not suit. Although each of them could purchase 10 hours of flight time.

Our task is not to sell you a wind tunnel. Our task is to help you choose the project and marketing strategy that will allow you to achieve the desired results.

What is a wind tunnel?
Aerotube - these are emotions!

Do you remember your feelings from the first days of owning your own car, from riding on the Ferris wheel, or even from the first kiss?

Visitors to the aerotrub from their first flight experience similar disturbing consciousness and spirit emotions.

Feeling the wings behind his back, a person will want to experience the feeling of flying again and again.